The KATSys™ Merchandizing module streamlines your business’s merchandizing operations and in-store performance with powerful features. Efficiently manage merchandise allocation, distribution, maintenance, and shelf placement to ensure your products are in the right stores, displayed correctly, and of the highest quality.


Our KATSys™ DMS offers a merchandise distribution feature that enables you to efficiently distribute your products to different locations, such as stores and warehouses. This feature helps you optimize your distribution process, ensuring that your merchandise is delivered promptly.


With this system, you can easily maintain the quality of your merchandise. Our software allows you to track your merchandise and monitor its condition, enabling you to take immediate action when necessary to ensure that it meets your quality standards.


The shelving feature in our KATSys™ DMS Merchandizing module allows you to improve the visual appeal and accessibility of your products on shelves. By analyzing your store layouts, our software helps you identify opportunities to optimize your product displays.

Outlet Visitation

Our merchandise allocation feature in KATSys™ DMS enables you to strategically distribute your products to the right stores based on performance and location. This helps you optimize your distribution and ensure availability at the right time and place.