Website Kat Solutions

Job Title: Training Lead

Key Responsibilities:
1. Develop training strategies, plans, and materials for end users and stakeholders.
2. Deliver training sessions and workshops to educate users on software functionality and usage.
3. Customize training content to meet the needs of different user groups and roles.
4. Evaluate training effectiveness and gather feedback to continuously improve training programs.
5. Provide ongoing support and resources to users to reinforce learning and adoption.

Key KPIs/SLAs:
1. User proficiency and competence in using the software solution.
2. Training completion rates and participation levels.
3. User satisfaction with training content and delivery.
4. Reduction in user errors and support requests post-training.
5. Continuous improvement in training programs based on feedback and evaluation.

Desired Skills, Experience, Qualifications:
1. Bachelor’s degree in education, instructional design, or related field.
2. Proven experience in designing and delivering training programs.
3. Strong understanding of adult learning principles and instructional design methodologies.
4. Excellent presentation and communication skills.
5. Experience with training tools and technologies (e.g., learning management systems).

To apply for this job email your details to hr@katsysmy.com