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Job Title: Change Management Consultant

Key Responsibilities:
1. Develop change management strategies and plans to support project objectives.
2. Assess organizational readiness for change and identify potential barriers.
3. Create communication plans to inform and engage stakeholders throughout the change process.
4. Provide training and support to employees to help them adapt to new processes and systems.
5. Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of change management initiatives.

Key KPIs/SLAs:
1. Employee readiness and acceptance of change.
2. Stakeholder satisfaction with change management efforts.
3. Reduction in resistance to change within the organization.
4. Successful adoption and utilization of new processes and systems.
5. Achievement of project objectives within the desired timeframe.

Desired Skills, Experience, Qualifications:
1. Bachelor’s degree in organizational psychology, human resources, or related field.
2. Proven experience in change management roles, preferably in IT projects.
3. Strong understanding of change management principles and methodologies.
4. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
5. Certification in change management (e.g., Prosci) preferred.

To apply for this job email your details to hr@katsysmy.com