KAT Solutions


Being in the digital arena for a long time KAT Group decided that there should be a KAT Solutions – a company that will revolutionize and establish itself in the digital arena development of systematic operating procedures, stock management, and a basic computerized management and distribution system.

Early Years and Emergence

The KAT Group of Companies was established in 1994 by Datuk Ir. (Dr) Khairol Anuar Tawi, starting with the distribution of telco prepaid products with just three employees in the Northern States of Peninsular Malaysia. It was a challenging task to physically distribute mobile prepaid cards, which were an emerging and rapidly expanding service globally. Over the years, KAT's spirit to ride the growth wave of prepaid services led to the development of systematic operating procedures, stock management, and a basic computerized management and distribution system.

Growth and Innovation in Physical Distribution

KAT's distribution complexity increased tremendously with territorial expansion, and its in-house developed computerized distribution system and standard operating procedures enabled the company to handle approximately six million pieces of cards monthly, track the location of any one of these cards at any time along the supply chain, and manage a network of more than 10,000 dealers spread across nine states in Peninsular Malaysia. Today, KATSys™ is a comprehensive distribution management system suitable for businesses involved in fast-moving items in ultra-high volume.

Digitalisation and Development of KATSys™

KAT embraced digitalization in 2011, when it was accorded MSC-status, and embarked on its digitalization journey with even more vigor. The features built into KATSys™ reflected its own experience and needs running the distribution operations. Its phased development and associated standard operating procedures enabled it to scale up its operations to handle millions of prepaid cards per month, consistently achieving delivery accuracy of at least 99.97% to a network of more than ten thousand retailers.

Era of Digital Excellence

KATSys™ earned KAT several industry recognitions, including the STAR Business Award for “Best in Innovation” in 2013, SMECorp “Best Innovation in Services” in 2014, and the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Awards for “Best of Retail and Supply Chain Management Solution” in 2016. KATSys™ continues to adapt to solutioning technologies such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, industry internet of things, and blockchain, offering its clients the best platform to match distribution operations across many industries.