Distribution Channel Management – the solution for simplifying the process of optimizing distribution channels to maximize ROI. It empowers you to take control of your distribution channels and achieve your business goals.

KATSys™ Distribution Management System (DMS) streamlines distribution quickly, letting you focus on other business aspects. Monitor sales, marketing, inventory, and logistics from one intuitive dashboard with and user-friendly and customizable features.


Our KATSys™ DMS allows you to configure your channel structure to meet your business. Make changes on the fly and ensure you always have the right channels in place to meet your sales targets. We give you the flexibility to adapt to market trends and stay ahead of the competition.

Hybrid Channels

Combine the best of direct and indirect sales channels with our platform, which allows you to create unique channel configurations. Reach your target customers through effective channels and maximize your sales potential.

Scheme Management

Create custom schemes and promotions tailored to your business needs with KATSys™ DMS. Easily manage incentives, discounts, and other promotional offers designed to drive sales and boost revenue.