About Us: KAT Solutions

Visionaries in Distribution Excellence

Founded in 2011, KAT Solutions Sdn Bhd is a pivotal player, specializing in advanced IT solutions. As a dedicated distribution and logistics IT solutions provider, we are dedicated to supporting businesses to optimize high-volume, low-margin product shifts. Our expertise positions us as specialists in optimizing distribution efficiency and effectiveness.

With over 12 years of evolution, KAT Solutions is dedicated to transforming distribution networks ensuring exceptional productivity and sales performance for our clients.  We address prevalent challenges in sales and distribution within the South East Asia region, as evidenced by our robust end-to-end sales and distribution management system, KATSys™.


Our mission is clear: to revolutionize distribution management through advanced solutions. We want to empower businesses of all sizes, aiming to become the global preference by 2030. Our aim shines brightly in an ever-evolving industry.


At KAT Solutions, we are steadfast in empowering businesses with innovative distribution solutions, underpinned by the unwavering commitment to fueling growth and delivering exceptional value to our clients.


Our Journey: How KAT Solutions Came to Be

Pioneering Excellence in Distribution

Emergence of KAT Solutions​
Embracing Digital Mastery
Digital Transformation Journey
Continuing Excellence