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"Making Distribution Simple"

From Logistics to Warehousing: Streamline Your Supply Chain With Our Expert Distribution Management Solution

What Sets Apart?

Experience the Future of Distribution Management

Saves Valuable Time

Our mobile invoicing reduces time spent significantly. You could save up to 63 days per salesman annually.

Environmental Responsibility

By going digital with KATSys, you're saving the environment, reducing the need for excessive printing, and reducing waste.

Precise Inventory & Distribution Control

Choose specific modules and features that align with your business needs, avoiding unnecessary complexities.

Heightened Accuracy

We're all about precision. Achieving a remarkable 99.99% accuracy rate in 2013 means you can trust us with your invoices.

Explore Our

Innovative Distribution Management System

Explore Our

Innovative Distribution Management System

How Does KATSys™ Redefine Distribution Management?

Discover the Future of Distribution Operations with Our Services


Optimize your distribution strategies and enhance operational efficiency with KATSolutions’ consultancy services. From supply chain management to inventory optimization, we deliver results-driven solutions that propel your business forward.


KAT Solution offers software customization services to tailor their distribution management software to meet the demands and workflows of clients’ businesses. This service involves modifying the software according to the client’s requirements.

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Why Choose KATSys™?

Maximise Your Business Efficiency & Productivity With KATSys™

Advance Control Feature

  • Track inventory items with precision
  • Optimize distribution setup with complete control
  • Ensure payment collection and reconciliation with ease
  • Streamline purchasing decisions with data-driven insights


  • Boost sales productivity with mobile apps
  • Real-time monitoring of salesman location
  • Ensure on-ground marketing adheres to plan
  • Track dealer performance with ease


  • Centralized dashboard for comprehensive overview
  • Real-time reporting and analytics for informed decisions
  • Performance measurement against targets with ease
  • Detailed tracking of operational KPIs

"Solid Partnerships, Strong Outcomes"